Dear Franklin County Residents,

Thank you for taking the time to read our annual State of the County Report.  This is our opportunity each year to let you know how your Franklin County Board of Commissioners is working for you, and we’re excited by everything we have going on right now.

People don’t always know how much their county government does, but we’re confident that we touch the lives of every Franklin County resident in some way each year.  As you’ll see in the report below, our agencies help to ensure the safety and prosperity of all of our residents.

In 2017, we helped pass a renewal of the Senior Options levy, hosted meetings of the New American Advisory Councils for our immigrant neighbors, provided summer camp and summer jobs for thousands of young people, helped to create and implement the Franklin County Opiate Action Plan, and hosted thousands of elected officials from around the country at the annual National Association of Counties conference.

Already in 2018, we’ve joined the nationwide lawsuit against opiate producers and distributors, signed on to commitments to make our county age-friendly and to ensuring pay equity between men and women, and created a new program to help low-income residents move into good, middle class jobs in the skilled construction trades.

There are so many exciting things going on in Franklin County that we can’t wait to share with you.  Thank you again for your interest in your Franklin County government.  You can find more detailed information, including about the county budget and the commissioners’ core principles on the Board of Commissioners website, and please don’t ever hesitate to contact our office with any question or concern you may have.