Dear Franklin County Residents,

Thank you for your interest in the 2017 State of the County Report. We are pleased to report that the state of Franklin County is strong. Our purpose in this report is to highlight the work of your county government in providing community safety, security and effective justice programs, promoting job creation and economic development, and providing health and human services, all while protecting the environment and being good stewards of the county’s finances.

In 2016, we continued work on the national Stepping Up initiative, which aims to reduce the number of inmates with mental health and co-occurring substance use disorders in jail, adopted the Local Food Action Plan to address the underlying social issues of poverty, underemployment and unemployment that contribute to food inequality, and commissioned a study to determine the “living wage” in Central Ohio and made sure we are paying all board of commissioners employees at least that rate. We also signed a contract to purchase 100% renewable energy for 47 county-owned facilities at a considerable savings for the taxpayers, and invested in jobs programs for social services clients.

Franklin County is now the largest in the state and one of the fastest growing counties in the region, having added more than 15% to its population in the past decade, and among the top 1% in population nationwide. The Central Ohio region is now home to more than 2 million people, and is projected to grow by a further 500,000 in the coming decades.

Franklin County, Ohio is one of only 2% of counties nationwide with a Double-AAA bond rating because of the thoughtful hard work and planning that your county team puts into everything that they do. Many in our community continue to struggle, however, and everyone in the commissioners’ office and county government is committed to seeing that all of our residents have the opportunity to thrive.

Thank you again for your interest in your Franklin County government. You can find more detailed information, including about the county budget and the commissioners’ core principles on our website, and please don’t ever hesitate to contact our office with any question or concern you may have.